When you work with me and give it 100%, results are GUARANTEED. Take a look at some of my past client results and see for yourself!

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"Meals are great, I’m up 3lbs already. This plan is showing me the importance of fueling my body after a workout and through the day."

"Training is feeling normal now I love being in there a little longer than I used to go. I’m much stronger I think due to all the carbs ! Feeling great"

"man I’ve seen so much differences since the before photos!! And it’s only week1!!!! man I love this shit!!! Love my diet, LOVE THE HARD WORK!!! I’m talking I have been working my ass off!!!! your plans are amazing man... thank you so much... NOW IM TRYING TO GET THAT 1ST PLACE MALE.. LETS GET IT GOING BABY!!!"




"The cardio was a big change up for me and I’m doing workouts I haven’t done since I was in high school. I feel like I’m hitting all the points I was missing and I’m looking forward to continuing with the regimen. This is exactly what I needed to push me out of my comfort zone I was starting to fall into and change it up to keep getting good pumps and sweats out of my workouts."

"Everything has been going really well, starting to see some good definition and vascularity appear everywhere on my body. Just gotta keep at it. Looking forward to crush this last week and look at my results for the whole month."

"This week felt great!! I had to up the weight on some of my workouts and it felt good to see that I was progressing and that I don’t get as tired as I used to on my cardio. It’s great to go upstairs and not feel out of breath, you know"


"Dropped about 3 lbs. Feel good, not sluggish. I do switch the meals around sometimes protein first and eggs second."

"Overall going awesome! Core/cardio has been a huge help and I'm already down about 3 lbs in a week (BF% down too, ~12-13ish per calipers). Macro counting has been huge help even for occasional cheat meals during social outings etc."

"My core strength has improved tremendously which has been one of my biggest challenge over the past 5 years.

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"Choosing Joey to train me for my first bikini competitions was the best decision I could’ve made. He went above & beyond for me every step of the way to make sure we were bringing my best physique possible! He offered constant support and answered all of my (million) questions. My training/diet was altered as needed and it was obvious that he put LOTS of time and thought into my plans. 

Especially closer to my competitions, Joey checked on me frequently and made sure I was feeling healthy! Bodybuilding is an extreme sport but he genuinely wanted to make sure I was having a positive & safe experience under his coaching which was very important to me.

Joey led me all the way to FIVE first place finishes, a second overall, and a national qualification at two back-to-back shows. If I could go back, I would choose Joey as my coach all over again. Thank you for helping me achieve one of my lifelong dreams!! BOOM!!"

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"No questions this week. This week was amazing. I was 200% motivated and it made a huge impact on my eating and workouts. This next week is going to be even better! I was going to save the flexing pics for the last week check in but I couldn’t resist how excited I am about the changes my body is making!"

"No question just wanted to thank you and tell youthat i have been working out for almost 3 years and its the first time that i see this kind of changes ! 1 week more to go ! Im gonna crash it"

everything is going absolutely amazing! loving this program and diet. I feel so energetic and more healthily physically and mentally. can’t wait for this last week it’s time to show you what I got and win this thing. even tho you don’t know me I’m telling you I’m giving it my 110% everyday both in the gym and at the dinner table. thank you for being the best trainer a man or women could ask for! hope all is well brother! BOOOM!!"


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